Besides design, I hold a monthly column on web development using web standards in Users, a successful magazine that sells in South America, Mexico and the US.

The articles mainly deal with techniques and technologies for solving day to day web development problems, using a relaxed, yet fundamented rhetoric.

Here’s a selection of articles freely available to download, and hopefully, enjoy. Note that these were written in Spanish; however a brief summary, in English, can be read below each article title.

02. June 2005


An introduction of XHTML and key differences with HTML.

01. May 2005

Estándares Web

One of the very first published articles in Spanish on web development using web standards.

03. July 2005

Optimizando nuestra web

On small techniques to optimize web sites for major browsers.

04. August 2005

Estilos CSS

Featured note about CSS.

05. September 2005

Adiós tablas

Techniques to getting rid off tables for page layout.

06. November 2005

Temas para Wordpress

On Wordpress theme creation.

08. February 2006

RSS vs. Atom

A comparison between these major syndication formats.

07. January 2006


On web accesibility for people with disabilities and limited user agents/devices.

09. March 2006

Hojas de estilo para impresión

About CSS for print.

10. July 2006


An introduction on the Document Object Model (DOM).

11. September 2006


An introduction to AJAX.

12. March 2008

Diseño con grillas

About using typographic grids for web design.

13. April 2008

Utilizando grillas

The continued part of the using grids for web design.

14. May 2008


An introduction on this version control system.

15. June 2008

Técnicas fundamentales de CSS

On essential techniques for cross browsing web development.

16. July 2008

Técnicas fundamentales de CSS (segunda parte)

The continued version on essential techniques for cross browsing web development.

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