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Working for Zendesk

Wow. I don’t even know how to start!

So, last week I decided to play with the new Twitter interface and see if I could improve it by making tweaks and basically, realigning everything. It was an experiment, my personal opinion on what I would like to see in the new Twitter.

After writing my findings, I hit “Publish” in my WordPress with no clues of the kind of responses I’d have (if any). I remember a funny conversation I had with a friend in a bar, telling him that I was about to post a new Twitter concept, hoping that they, or another company, contact me. My exact words were “I have nothing to lose”.

The feedback so far has been surprising, surprising to the point that the article made it Hacker News and other sites. And, this is where the best part comes, a person contacted me after reading the blog post and offered me a job at his company.

This person is Alexander Aghassipour, founder of Zendesk, one of the hottest companies in San Francisco these days (and in the web certainly!). He kindly wanted to know if we could work together on their applications and other products. Knowing Zendesk and the things they accomplished… how could I say no?

We agreed on my responsibilities and yesterday signed the full-time contract. Today, I still can’t believe it. Plus, the dream is completed by being offered to flight to Zendesk headquarters in San Francisco for a couple of days.

So here’s to remember me of doing these kind of things more regularly (in other words, posting!). Oh, and my eager mind repeats to me that CVs are dead (an idea I’ve been coining a while ago).

I won’t hide my feelings: I’m terribly excited to get started with the company and do my little magic there. I feel a bit nervous too. But, in the end, I’m really looking forward to contribute, and, learn the best I can!

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Congrats! That’s fantastic!

congrats man!

So damned cool, congratulations and enjoy that trip to San Francisco!

Woww! Muy bueno! Felicitaciones Rodrigo!

Más que merecido! Felicitaciones :D

What a wonderful news Rodrigo! :D congrats for the new job, you deserve it!

Excelente Rod, un merecido premio a tu constante trabajo en este medio. Felicidades.

Hola Rodrigo,
Sigo tus avances desde inicios del 2000 en las listas de Ovillo y demás. Más de una vez me diste una mano cuando CSS era una “innovación”. Qué gusto saber de esta noticia. Saludos desde Santiago.

Que bien Rodrigo!
A romperla!!!



Felicitaciones! Muy merecido!




Fantastic News! Congratulations. They sure have picked a winner hope all goes well for you.

Felicitaciones Rodrigo!! Imagino que nos vas a chusmear la experiencia, un diario de viaje o algo!!!

Y gran verdad la de que los Curriculums están muriendo (al menos en nuestro campo). Da para un lindo post.

En fin, que disfrutes esta nueva etapa.

Welcome/Bienvenido al equipo!! :D

> My exact words were “I have nothing to loose”.

You sure about that?

Cool, I wish something like that would happen for me!

What a great story. Congratulations on joining the Zendesk team. I’m sure we’ll meet at some stage
Zendesk is a great company to work with. In Dec 2008 I searched for Zendesk on Linkedin and made contact with Michael who was in Hong Kong at the time. A skype call, a few emails and I started working for them a week or so later.
Opportunity knocks to those bold enough to go after it.
I look forward to working with you.



Congratulations ;)

Felicitaciones Rodrigo! Vi tu post en HN y me parecio muy bueno realmente. Comparti fotos de SF! :)

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Congratulations man! hope you rise up to the sky!

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