My name is Rodrigo Galindez and I design digital Internet products.

I lived in San Francisco and New York. Each time, working as a contractor for startups in diverse industries such as the photography, travel, and finance spaces. In many times, I’ve been the first employee for these companies, helping founders to design and ship their ideas from a rough sketch to a working prototype.

The latest company I worked for is Lemon Inc., where I was in charge of designing two products: Lemon Platform and Lemon Wallet. I also shipped a framework of reusable design elements that is now used across the company to build new products. Lemon was recently bought by LifeLock for 50 million. I feel proud to have contributed to make this happen.

After a break of a few months living in London, I’m back to New York. If you want to work with me, drop me a line: rodrigogalindez@gmail.com

This site was made in one afternoon working from a coffee shop on East London, following the principles of the “Do’ers manifesto”, an essay I'm writing on shipping things in an era of overabundance of information.